CMP Growth Fund

The CMP Growth Capital Fund was established by CM Partners to provide growth capital to emerging New Zealand businesses. In addition to direct investment by the Fund, the Fund also provides a platform to enable wholesale investors to co-invest alongside CM Partners in a range of growth opportunities on a case by case basis.

 Many of New Zealand’s exciting emerging companies struggle to attract the necessary capital to grow and expand their businesses because while they are past the Venture Capital and Angel stage, they are still too small to warrant investment from the big institutional and private equity funds.

The CMP Growth Capital Fund fills this gap through its access to a large pool of capital and expertise focused on investing in  New Zealand SMEs’ to help them reach their full potential. The fund and its investors are looking to invest in companies that:

  • Have an established business model and trading history;
  • Have good people;
  • Are profitable (or can demonstrate a clear path to profitability);
  • Need capital to grow and expand;
  • Are looking at acquisitions or to consolidate with other industry players;
  • Want to expand their existing shareholder base.

If your company fits this criteria, or you are a wholesale investor looking for investment opportunities, contact CMP Partners now.

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