Cannasouth Lists on the NZX

Cannasouth Limited, the first New Zealand medicinal cannabis company to list on the NZX, and the first NZ equity IPO and listing for 2019, listed on the NZX’s Main Board on June 19.

The following are the listing details:

Company: Cannasouth Limited

Issuer Code: CBD


Short Name: Cannasouth

Registered Office: c/- Braithwaite and Pearks Limited
Level 1, 240 Victoria Street
Hamilton Central
Hamilton, 3204


Telephone Number: +64 7 949 8393

Financial Year End: 31 December

Nature of Business: Cannasouth is a biopharmaceutical research and development company based at the Waikato Innovation Park, Hamilton East, Hamilton. The Company has been established to focus on the commercial development of the medically beneficial attributes of cannabinoid compounds such as Cannabidiol (CBD), Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and associated chemical structures that are produced by the cannabis plant.

Directors: Anthony Ho (Chairman), Conor English, Mark Lucas (CEO), and Nic Foreman (COO)

Details of Issue: The Offer consisted of:

– The Priority Offer of up to $5 million, which was only open to
those investors who had been invited by Cannasouth to
participate in the Priority Offer;

– The General Offer of up to $5 million, which was open to all
investor’s resident in New Zealand;

Quoted Securities at Completion of Offer: 102,000,000.

Offer Price: $0.50

Tick Size: $0.01

Auditors: Deloitte

Solicitors: Corporate Counsel

NZX Sponsor: CM Partners Limited

Registrar: Link Market Services Limited

Settlement Status: NZCDC Settlement System





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